Freshen Up Your Home for Fall: Top Tips from Award-Winning Designer Lori Howard

Fall is finally here, and we had a chance to chat with Lori Howard of Hope Designs, Toronto’s award-winning boutique home staging and interior decorating company. Read on for her best tips on updating your home décor for the new season.

Bring the Outdoors in with Faux Flowers

As it starts getting colder outside, you can extend the feeling of summer by bringing the outdoors in. Fall brings some amazing colours and blooms, so bring in the autumn tones with a silk flower arrangement featuring flowers and foliage in yellow, brown, rust, and orange.



Florals aren’t just for the dining room table anymore—they can be used in the front entryway to welcome guests, in the bedroom to add some cheer to your mornings, and even to brighten up laundry rooms.

                                        Orange and yellow flowers

You can also bring the outdoors in by repurposing a clay pot or urn that was used outside, placing a fall-themed wreath on your door to greet visitors, and incorporating real or artificial fall leaves in your décor.

Create Vignettes

Good things come in threes, especially when it comes to design. Play around with vignettes or items grouped in three—for fall, try a tall vase with flowers like orchids, a medium-height metal lantern that can be found in home décor shops, and a small pumpkin or gourd from your local grocery store. You can use any combination of design elements; the key is to stick with three items of different heights.

Vignettes are also a great way to dress up your Thanksgiving table – plan ahead and wow your guests with a display of pumpkins, leaves, candles, or flowers.

Layer Up

Fall décor is no different than clothing—it’s all about layering. Try bringing in blankets, displaying a tray with layered items, creating vignettes with multiple pieces, and adding candle sticks or flameless candles for warmth. For a long table, you might have multiple pieces or setups that tell a story, sometimes known as “tablescapes”.

Cloches, or glass domes, are another great way to add layers and interest. They usually have a wooden or metal base, a handle or rope on top, and space inside to create a display. Try putting a small flower arrangement or a pumpkin inside with some real or artificial fall leaves on the bottom, and placing it on a kitchen island, side table, buffet, or end table beside a lamp.

Mix and Match

Falll Tea and FlowersWhereas in summer it’s common to keep your décor clean and simple, fall is all about combining different shapes, colours, and textures. As with vignettes, using different sizes and heights is a great way to add visual interest – not everything has to line up perfectly! For mixing different textures, try incorporating wood, metal, and florals for a balance of structure and more natural, softer elements.

Try out this technique on a fireplace mantle or a shelf above sofa or TV: combine florals, books, candles, and stagger the bits of décor, creating interest with different heights and sizes. It doesn’t have to be symmetrical - for example, you could place a large floral display alongside a few books on their side and a ball made of twine or rustic-material on top of the books.

 To read more of Lori’s interior decorating tips, check out the Hope Designs blog!

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