3 Faux Flower Myths Debunked

You probably have certain preconceived notions about artificial flowers. We understand—but we’re here to debunk these outdated myths.  Keep reading for the top three misconceptions about faux flowers, and why they’re simply not true.

1.  They Look Tacky and “Fake”

The artificial flowers of today are nothing like those of the past. It’s all in the details—high-quality silk flowers will feature different textures, variations in colour, and different stages of growth including flower buds to create the most lifelike appearance. Some arrangements even include a glass vase with acrylic water for added realism.

2. They’re Expensive

Artificial arrangements are generally comparable in price to fresh flowers, with the main difference being that you can enjoy your faux flowers for years to come. Instead of having to replace a $50 bouquet every other week (or sooner, if they start wilting), it makes sense to spend a bit more on something everlasting.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for – budget bouquets are often easy to spot. High-quality silk flowers might cost more, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

3. They Collect Dust

Silk flowers won’t collect dust more than any other décor you display in your home. A light dusting or wipe-down every now and then is all your artificial arrangement needs in terms of maintenance.

When you’re ready to switch out your bouquet, try slipping it in a pillowcase before placing it in storage so it will be ready to display next time.

It’s Time to Reconsider Faux Flowers

Artificial flowers are slowly shedding their former reputation and becoming a popular design choice. Modern high-quality silk bouquets are virtually indistinguishable from fresh flowers, will last for years, and don’t require any special care. Why not try out a faux arrangement in your home or office?

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